Alarko Contracting Group, which is the subsidiary of Alarko Group of Companies, working in the contracting business in and out of Turkey, strongly supports and handles Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) as a corporate value and a basic human right. The Group gives top priority to protect the health and safety in all fields of its activities.

Alarko Contracting Group, systematically assesses all risks, hazards and risky attitudes towards work and health and safety requirements and aims to minimize the risks end eliminate them in the source by determining and applying the effective risk control methods.

Alarko Contracting Group accepts complying with the relevant national and international regulations and requirements of customers/specifications applicable to its activities and following the technological developments, as minimum obligation in this respect. The Group ensures the provision of material and moral resources for providing the healthy and safe working conditions.

Alarko Contracting Group tries to setup the “Preventive Action” culture on the basis of having and sharing the responsibility on the implementation of Health & Safety regulations in terms of communication, training, and morale motivation activities which will be realized between her employees, subcontractors and related parties.

All personnel, who work as a team under the coordination of the management, ensure that the production is realized by meeting the Occupational Health & Safety and Quality requirements.

Alarko Contracting Group executes, reviews and develops its operations by using Internal Audits, Performance Measurement and Monitoring Methods, reporting systematic; it aims to improve Occupational Health & Safety Management System continuously.