Lot 2 of the South Beltway Motorway – Bucharest, will run between km. 69 + 000 and km. 85 + 300 and will cross the following territorial administrative units, located in Ilfov County: Vidra, Jilava, 1 Decembrie, Darasti Ilfov, Magurele, Bragadiru.

Bucharest Ring Road, 0 + 000 km – 100 + 900, is part of the Pan-European Corridor IV, more specifically this being the connection between the Bucharest-Piteşti motorway and the Bucharest-Constanta A2 motorway but also along the IX Pan European corridor. It is imperative to make an appropriate connection between the Pan European IV Corridor and the Pan European IX Corridor.

Considering the accelerated development of the Bucharest urban zone, the Bucharest Ring Road will represent the infrastructure needed for the heavy urban traffic load and will ensure adequate access to the TEN-T network of the local roads and the road infrastructure of the Municipality of Bucharest.

Bucharest Ring Road Lot 2, will run between km. 69 + 000 and km. 85 + 300. The route of the highway starts near CF 902 Bucharest – Giurgiu line, the route follows the localities of Sintesti and Jilava, where intersects DJ 401A (km 72 + 100), crosses the Sabar river (km 73 + 500) and intersects DN5 (km 74+ 900) where will be a road junction.

After the intersection with DN5, the highway route is NE oriented, bypassing the Jilava forest, crossing CF Port 1 Decembrie and passing north from Darasti, where intersects DJ101 (km 78 + 350). Further, the highway route runs almost parallel to the Sabar river (about 2km) and passes south of the towns of Magurele and Bragadiru and intersects DN6 (84 + 650) where will be a road junction.

One short term parking area at Km 78+000 and Maintenance & Operation Building at DN5 intersection will be constructed. 15 bridges and overpasses will be constructed in 16,30 km project length

Proiectare si Execuție Autostrada de Centură București Km 0+000 – Km 100+900, Lotul 2: Km 69+000 – Km 85+300 Aferent Centura Sud
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YEAR 2021    
2021-300-02-01A Temporary lighting works – Daraşti /  Lucrări provizorii de iluminat – Daraşti 20.05.2021 20.06.2021 CLOSED/ÎNCHIS 2021-300-02-01A
YEAR 2022    
2022-300-02 Diversion works of the OMV Petrom Water Lines

/ Lucrărilor de deviere OMV PETROM 

02.01.2023 27.01.2023 ONGOING/ÎN CURS 2022-300-02_OMV
2022-300-02-01B Lighting works – Daraşti / Lucrări de iluminat – Daraşti 01.06.2022 30.06.2022 CLOSED/ÎNCHIS 2022-300-02-01B
YEAR 2023
2023-300-09012023 Roller Guardrail Works/ Lucrări Parapet cu role 09.01.2023 30.01.2023 CLOSED/ÎNCHIS 2023-300-09012023
2023-300-01112023-02 Power Supply Works / Lucrări De Alimentare Electrică 01.11.2023 30.11.2023 CLOSED/ÎNCHIS 2023-300-01112023
YEAR 2024
2024-300-19012023-01 Anti-Vandalism Panel /
Panouri Antivandalism
01/12/2023 31/01/2024 CLOSED/ÎNCHIS 2024-300-19012023-01
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