Our aim is to unify human resources and the other organizational tools in a dynamic context to create technology, information and synergy.

Our synergy-oriented team is composed of members who are responsible, successful, open-minded, innovative and open to critics.

We have a workplace where the employees feel themselves valuable, contribute effectively for the continuous improvement and are able to plan their careers on a long term basis.

Our overall objectives are to enable employees to do their job better and to make them ready for their future career objectives. With this aim, individual development plans based on individual’s strengths and weaknesses are used for determining the training requirements.

The performance management system, which is established upon the individual objectives, parallel to company goals and competency based 360o assessment, has a great role for generating the individual development plans and the mentoring process.

The future of the ALARKO GROUP lies in the hands of a generation of young people who have completed their higher education, who are dynamic, hard-working, creative, and informed, who desire to rise and see their future in Alarko.

The ALARKO FUTURE CLUB takes this belief as its starting-point. It continued to organize social, artistic, and sports events along with the education and development programs in a way that every young ALARKO employee having such qualities may strive to become an expert and manager and perform harmoniously as effort-sharing team-member.