The amazing development of science and technology in the new millennium and transition from the industrial era into the informatinon Age will be the predominant factors influencing the production and cost of rapid and accurate information. Competitive advantage can only be achieved through the development of knowledge and improvement of the skills of human resources in conformity with technological progress. „Information and Training” will be the major strategic tools used for being competitive. ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP, strong with 50 years of experience, will continue providing reliable services using state of the art technology faithful to its motto „High Quality Services and Products for Customer Satisfaction”.

During the new millennium, ALARKO will proudly continue its successful and valuable contribution to the erection of civil work and infrastructure projects such as industrial plants, in developing countries.

We are happy and proud to present this „Web Site” providing information about the activities of ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP which has succeeded, within a very short period, to become one of the most reliable and respected companies of the sector in Turkey and abroad.

ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP is, and pledges to continue being, an environment friendly company whose activities aim to preserve our country and planet as beautiful places to be inherited by the next generation.

Founded in 1954; ALARKO owes its reputation for reliability and prestige to its observance of global standards and its sense of responsibility towards the Turkish Public.

 1- ) To act honestly towards the government, customers, shareholders, personnel and suppliers at all times,

 2- ) To preserve the environment and social balance within the corporation,

 3- ) To guide the customer with impartiality, while giving first priority to his wishes,

 4- ) To give utmost importance to quality, to try to present better service even when the customer is satisfied,

 5- ) To achieve the profitability for the shareholders,

 6- ) To implement autonomous management with centralised auditing system, bring autonomy down to lowest levels and develop lower level decision making and upper level approval system,

 7- ) To motivate employees with profit bonus formulas,

 8- ) To develop employee training systems, aiming at upgrading educational levels,

 9- ) To develop an entrepreneurial mentality in all employees, aiming at profitability for the corporation,

10- ) To give utmost priority to teamwork to share equally the profits, the success and failures.


To lead in construction of the new world and to satisfy our customers, shareholders and employees by both creating a unity of technology, information and human resources within a creative organization and giving environment-friendly, reliable contracting services with high quality.


To be an international contracting firm displaying the first preference of the customers, employees, shareholders and the society in order to rebuild the globalizing world. The path we follow to achieve our mission and vision respectively starts with our organizational and human resources.

ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP has a strong tradition of basing its activities and operations on well defined procedures in written form. These procedures are regularly rewied on the basis of both the criteria set forth by the international quality management standarts, namely ISO 9001 and also internal standarts of ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP. The Quality System and its procedures are defined in the Quality Manuel of the company. Monitoring of the management system and the procedures is carried out through systematic surveys and controls. ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP employs efficient, consistent and regular control mechanisms in order to reach its quality targets.

The objective of the management of ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP is to provide services in strict compliance with the needs and requirements of its customers. The members of ALARKO CONTRACTING GROUP attribute utmost importance to experience, expertise, skills, quality and reliability and this is the very heart of our services. On every project ALARKO is committed to applying the Contracting Quality Control System that the company has developed and in this manner operates in conformance with both the conditions of its contracts and with legal procedures.


Alarko Contracting Group has been organized to skillfully manage the technical, administrative and human aspects of our business that may affect the quality of our products and services that we deliver both home and abroad in order to fulfill all customer requirements determined by contract terms.

Alarko Contracting Group’s aim is to minimize disruptions that may cause production and service delays, prevent their reoccurrence, and provide internal and external customer satisfaction. In that context, a collaborative environment based on mutual benefit and trust is established with customers, specialist teams, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

We constantly raise our quality standards adopting a systematic approach throughout all processes, assessing risks and opportunities and managing errors, which allows us to constantly review our workflows to ensure the production process works smoothly.

All employees are responsible for ensuring all activities of the Alarko Contracting Group are carried out within the framework of our established quality systems under the stewardship of our management team.

We continuously update our Quality Management System, eliminate potential deficiencies that may affect our workflows and check through regular audits and performance measurements that all activities are carried out in accordance with our Quality System.

This policy is consistently reviewed to ensure compliance.

Alarko Contracting Group, which is the subsidiary of Alarko Group of Companies, working in the contracting business in and out of Turkey, strongly supports and handles Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) as a corporate value and a basic human right. The Group gives top priority to protect the health and safety in all fields of its activities.

Alarko Contracting Group, systematically assesses all risks, hazards and risky attitudes towards work and health and safety requirements and aims to minimize the risks end eliminate them in the source by determining and applying the effective risk control methods.

Alarko Contracting Group accepts complying with the relevant national and international regulations and requirements of customers/specifications applicable to its activities and following the technological developments, as minimum obligation in this respect. The Group ensures the provision of material and moral resources for providing the healthy and safe working conditions.

Alarko Contracting Group tries to setup the “Preventive Action” culture on the basis of having and sharing the responsibility on the implementation of Health & Safety regulations in terms of communication, training, and morale motivation activities which will be realized between her employees, subcontractors and related parties.

All personnel, who work as a team under the coordination of the management, ensure that the production is realized by meeting the Occupational Health & Safety and Quality requirements.

Alarko Contracting Group executes, reviews and develops its operations by using Internal Audits, Performance Measurement and Monitoring Methods, reporting systematic; it aims to improve Occupational Health & Safety Management System continuously.