The Grand Almati Peripheral Road Project, part of the international motorway connecting West China and West Europe, is the first big project of the Public-Private Partnership of Kazakhstan. The Grand Almati Peripheral Road Project, the biggest public sector infrastructure investment except for the petrol and gas sectors, will alleviate the load on the city roads and will serve approximately 2.000.000 people. The socio-economic development of Almati and its environs will gain momentum and air pollution in the city will be minimized with the completion of the project. 

Following the signing of the protocol by Ayhan Yavrucu, CEO of Alarko, in the presence of Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey, the total value of the contract signed by the Ministry of Investment and Development and the partners of the Investing Consortium on 7 February 2018 is KZT 512.352.867.000 (approximately USD 1.668.467.067). The project’s construction duration is 50 months and operation duration 15 years 10 months thus bringing the total duration to 20 years. The scope of the project is determined as ‘Engineering Procurement and Construction’ (EPC). 

The 66 km long road consists of a total of 6 lots with the 14,5 km section of the road designed as 4 lanes and the 51,5 km section as 6 lanes.The main road body will be concrete and the connection roads asphalt. There are 8 intersections, 19 viaducts and 21 overpass bridges on the road. Total viaduct length is 2.446 m, bridge length 1.370 m, 154 culverts of a total of 7.445 m. A total of 42 thousand meters of bored piles, 15 thousand metres of driven piles will be applied for the bridge construction. 11 million m3 of earth works, 3,7 million tons subbase, 1,7 million tons base, 525 thousand tons of asphalt and 515 thousand m3 of concrete road will be implemented during the realization of the project. A total of 253 thousand m3 of concrete will be used in the construction of the bridge, the engineering structures and road control centre building. The aggregate to be crushed within the scope of the project is 8,2 million tons. The main road course and connection roads will be illuminated. An area of 1,8 million m2 and 60 thousand trees will be planted. A total of 3 km of sound barrier at the settlement areas and 142 km of wire fence will be assembled all along the course of the road. The ‘Intelligent Transport and Payment System’ (ITPS) to be installed will contain 15 toll gates, 27 dynamic information panels, 99 close circuit cameras, vehicle determination system, automatic license plate recognition and road condition information systems. 

The road design work contract has been finalized and site mobilization started as of 25 April 2018. Following the first project approval in 31st May; construction works has begun with an official ceremony with the participation of Askar Mamin, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakstan, and Jenis Kasimbek, Minister of Transportation.